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Our Services


Green Metal Recycling is a full-service provider. Right from picking up metal to recycling it, we do it all. We provide services like metal buyout (for other companies), roll-off services (containers), hotshot (pick up trailers, load everything up and bring to us), manufacturing, fabrication, etc.

We also offer services for residential customers as well, and do our best to meet the needs they might have.

Green Metal Recycling offers the best possible value at all times based on the numbers of the current market.

Green Metal Recycling
Green Metal Recycling

For your convenience, we have multiple ways in which we can work together to meet your recycling needs

Roll Off Services

We provide 20 yards, 30 yards, or 40-yard roll off or bin/dumpster to your company or location and pay you for the scrap metal.

Dry Van, Hot Shot Trailer

You can load up your vehicle/truck and bring it to us for instant buy.

Semi-Truck Van Trailers, Land Dolly and Monster Containers

We use these vehicles for hauling large quantities of metal.

Flatbed Trailer, Monster Hauler

These trucks can be used for oversized scrap metal.

Metal Demolition

Many a time large metal structures must be cut down in size, to facilitate transportation and processing. Green Metal Recycling provides thorough, cost-effective metal demolition services using specialized equipment for a smooth on-site asset recovery process.

Building Tear Down

We pair our 50 years of experience with the latest equipment to demolish homes, apartments and residential complexes. We are experts at tearing down buildings in tight spaces, with minimal impact on the surroundings.

Green Metal Recycling buys and recycles ferrous and non-ferrous metals at competitive process.